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What happens after submitting your I-751 – Petition to Remove Conditions?

The USCIS provides “conditional permanent resident status” and a two-year green card to immigrants married to a Legal Permanent Resident or United States Citizen. Those who wish to attain their status as a Lawful Permanent Resident must file the Form I-751 – Removal of Conditions Application. Now, what happens after you submit your Form I-751?

Receipt of Application

Within three weeks from submitting your I-751, you will receive a receipt by mail. This receipt will confirm the USCIS has received your form and has begun normal processing. This receipt is called Form I-797 – Notice of Action. It also serves as an extension to your conditional residence for a year while your I-751 is being processed. It will come with a ten-digit number that you can use to check the status of your application. Both the I-797 and expired green card are necessary to prove conditional residency status. You should also get an extension stamp or an I-551 stamp in your passport. You can get these from your regional USCIS office. To read more about that, check out this article. Should USCIS reject your application or need more information, they will send a Notice of Action or Request for Evidence.

Biometrics Appointment

>> What Happens at the Biometrics Appointment?

Within four weeks of filing, you will receive a notice detailing a biometrics appointment. The notice will include the  USCIS office where you will appear, the time of appointment, and the date. At your biometrics, you will record your fingerprints, photograph, and signature. (Keep in mind that although you may travel after having submitted your forms and are waiting for USCIS response, it is crucial you attend your biometrics appointment) The appointments are approximately 30 minutes, and your notice will provide details on what you will need to bring. Learn more about the biometrics appointment.

Within 5 months of your biometrics appointment, you won’t receive any further notices unless the information provided previously was unsatisfactory or needs to be re-recorded or re-submitted for any other reason.

Appointment Notice for Interview

>> How To Pass A Marriage Green Card Interview

Within 6 months, some applicants will receive an interview requirement notice. If you submit your own I-751 form, it will take 6-8 months to process; however, if your spouse submits the waiver application, it can take up to 12 months. A waiver application undergoes a more stringent screening process and often requires an interview. If the waiver application is accepted as legitimate, they will not feel a confirming interview is necessary. This is why providing valid proof of relationship (e.g. a marriage license) is important when submitting your I-751. Should you be asked to attend an interview, preparation counsel from an attorney prior to the interview is recommended. If you have used Simple Citizen and would like to schedule a call with our legal team, reach out to us at support@simplecitizen.com.

Petition to Remove Conditions granted and green card issued

Within 8 months, your application should be fully processed, and your Petition to Remove Conditions granted and green card issued. Keep in mind that the time frame is different for each form, and the entire process may take up to a year. (Remember, you can check your application’s status here.) If your mailing address changes after you’ve submitted your I-751, you should call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283 to change your record. If you feel like your form request has extended beyond the regular processing time, visit this USCIS website.

Updated on January 15, 2020

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  1. I filed an I-751 before 18 days of my green card expiration date, what do I need to do if my green card expired but not receive the receipt of notice? Thank you very much.

    1. I filed an i-175 before 11 months u see case is ready to be schudale for an interview 7 months ago still now i am not recieving any apointment how long time taken to interview after case is ready to be schudale for an interview for interview thank you.

      1. I did file the form 19 months ago and still wait for an interview now ;((

      2. Same here.I filed I-751 last year July and I checked the status this year and it said I will be notified for an interview in January 2020. It’s September now and I still haven’t heard anything 😓. Probably the pandemic has caused the long delay

        1. Same here too! I filed I-751 in June 2019. Received notice to be scheduled for interview on September 11, 2019. My interview has not been scheduled as of today (September 19, 2020).

          1. Zike, Have u gotten an interview yet? We are in same boat. We filed sept 2019. It’s been saying interview will be scheduled soon for at least 6-8 months now. We are freaking out. Still nothing in the mail!. And they hardly answer the phone at USCIS. When we do get a hold of a person they just say keep waiting for an interview or tell us different things. One even said we were mailed an I-451. It’s so frustrating and confusing process now.

        2. I am a March 2019 Filer.. did you get the Interview or was it waived? Did you get the GC? Please advise..

        3. Did u get an interview? Or waived? Was your application to apply for permenant green card ?

      3. Did they ask you to go to an interview because I received the same email yesterday and when i check the case online the same thing was written? Please reply

    2. I sent in my I-751 still waiting it was rejected twice I sent in the wrong amount, to much money, my license expired so im worried about getting pulled over, MV will not reissue till my case is done, any suggestions also i want to travel over seas to see my family soon

    3. I751 was supposed to be file 90 days before your green card expires

  2. I mailed a complete and full application to USCIS about 6 weeks ago, I also see that USCIS has deducted the fee from my account (using the check that I had sent) but we still haven’t received any receipt from USCIS . I can understand that things might be slower during Covid19, but wonder if anyone else had this issue or is it normal during these times?

    1. Hi, I actually submitted mine last MAy 15, 2020, but until now I have not received my I-797 NOA. I have called and emiled them several times already. I am still waiting.

      1. I submitted mine may 14..and got my extension letter last week

    2. Hey did you received the receipt? I submit on the 13 of September and still haven’t received my receipt

    3. Hey Umer K did you receive your receipt? I have the same problem

    4. Same to me, I pass 6 weeks after submission of my file. I do not get any response from there. what can I do now? did you get any response?

  3. Yes, everything is still normal ,I was called for finger print after 4 months of submission and it has been 10 months now, ao don’t panic. If you call they will tell you that your case is still withing specified period.

  4. I submitted my i-751 on May 16 and I received an i-797C which is a receipt, but it doesn’t say anything about a 12 or 18 month extension. It just says that I don’t have to do biometrics and that my case is processing. I called and they said that I should have received my i-797 receipt by now so they gave me an email address to get more information, but the email didn’t work. Does anyone know what I should do now?

    1. Probably It means you will receive your green card in the mail by year end without an interview.

    2. The Extension usually comes after that receipt. It might take sometime, especially with the pandemic.

  5. How can I schedule appointment I want to travel with my 18months to renew my international passport and to see my dad how do I go about it

    1. I file i751 received 18months extension from uscis. And I used it to travel along with my passport n expired green card. Keep the extension with you all the time when traveling

      It’s the one that proved you can travel

      1. Hi Shantel, when did you file your I-751? And what was the timeline for all correspondence with USCIS since submitting? Thanks

  6. I’ve been waiting since Feb 2019, still waiting for interview. It is absolutely ridiculous. Just do interviews over Zoom.

  7. I submitted my i-751 on March 2018
    On March 2019 my case was transferred a new office.
    November last year I went to the immigration office to extend my visa.

    My visa expires in November 2020. What I have to do?

    1. Hi Marcos . I have the same problem I submitted my I-751 on Aug 6 2018 and they transferred my case on November 13 to another office until now I didn’t get anything I kept calling them they say you have to wait . Did you get anything yet.

  8. I submitted my application on September 14 2020. One week later I got my Notice with 18 month extension. I was surprised it took only 1 week for me to receive this letter. I fell like the biometrics and interview will take longer.

    1. I honestly thought it was an error on their part because I sent the completed application to remove conditions from permanent residency, sent the entire amount including biometrics fee by money order and yet I received a notice that I have been given an 18-months extension on green card. I was freaking out a little because I was wondering if they just stole my money and gave an extension. Ridiculous!

    2. I also filed the form I-751 with the Texas field office on September 1, 2020 The form received by USCIS on September 10, 2020.
      I received the form 797 with the 18 months extension within 7 days. Until today October 22 have no other notice for biometrics.

      1. I filed alone. I wait for biometrics appointment Nov. 28, 2020

        1. I applied my removal. I have t received anything,
          What happens to me and my work I am so stressed

  9. You need to update your timeframes. My I-751’s 18-month extension is expiring next month (Oct 2020) and we have been waiting for an interview since March 2020. I-751 application was filed February 2020. Now we need to go to USCIS using Infopass to obtain a I-551 stamp because it is taking so long. In the meantime, we also applied for Naturalization, N-400 and filled several inquiries through the USCIS website.

    1. Hi matt, how is your case going now? Seems like I have the same status. I just got my I-551 form today. I am still waiting for my interview. It was scheduled on April,2020. I am considering if I need to apply for citizenship or not. Try to get some information here. Thank you.

  10. My green card expired on July and I sent all my paperwork. Now I’m pretty much waiting for them. Does somebody know if I can get an special document to travel overseas to see my family while I’m waiting? Thank you.

    1. You can try the form I-551 its a stamp for your passport

  11. A question for the website owner. Kindly advice if this application of I-751 is the correct form for my statues, as I have been married to an American woman for 21 years, and due to my business out of the US I never applied for a Green card, except that my (X) filed it then at the time of marriage on my behalf but we never proceeded, with the application for my busy schedule at the time. several times I had visited the US and I asked the immigration department they side that I’m eligible to have a Green card and citizenship, The question is, I have divorced my X after that period of time 21 years, will I be able to apply now since I’m now 58 years of Age? and if this is not the correct form what form should I be using for filling of such?. Thank you

    1. Complicate case. My advice is: talk to an immigration attorney.

  12. I forgot to submit all the evidence along with the I-751 form. Can I still send them supporting documents? Do they still take my application? Do I loose my money? Thanks!

  13. Does anyone have a phone # to check on i751 status? I have submitted my i751, but no reply mail yet so I don’t have a receipt#. I would like to contact uscis to inquire with my FedEx tracking#.. thanks for your input

    1. I filed my I-751 from Fedex showing received by 12/2 /20 it has been 30 days I don’t see money deduct from my bank and I don’t receive any notice from them , feels like lost . Can Any one
      help explain my hope is?

      1. Iam on the same boat I filed sent on dec 2 2020 no reply yet I think holiday and pandemic are slowing the process but I did just sent them emial and find out any updates waiting on I-551

        1. Same, they received my documents on December 11th and haven’t heard back from them. My card expired on the 9 and it is freaking me out. I called and they suggested to send an email to lockbox, I did couple days ago but haven’t heard back from them either. Hopefully it was just the holidays slowing them down.

      2. Same here usps said that they delivered my package to them on December 19,2020, my greencard expired on January 3,2021. I haven heard anything from them I’m worried idk what to do

        1. Same here. They received my form Dec 24,2020 and until now Jan 25 I still got no response and my payment isn’t deducted yet. I’m getting worried. I’m thinking of sending another application coz it’s taking forever to hear from them.

          1. I have the same issue. My application was received by USCIS mailroom (Individual name F.Brown signed on Dec 23, 2020). I have not received Receipt of Notice and my payment has not been deducted yet. I tried many avenues to try to reach them and everything is dead end with no response. I just emailed lockbox, but the automatic response back from lockbox explained they will not respond to I-751 inquires as lockbox does not print anything for I-751. I am anxious and not know what to do. I am thinking about re-applying, but not sure if that’s an option. Any help?

        2. To all those whose application has been received by USCIS and you do not yet see them deduct the fee or send a letter to you, they are severely backlogged. They will eventually take action. The same thing happened with my case and they eventually charged my card and sent me the notice after almost two months of receiving my application.

          Also, if your green card has expired, you can go to your local field office to get the I-551 stamp

          1. Thank you Dee, this explains everything.

          2. Thank you I needed that info. Just one question…do u need an appointment to go to your local filed office for the i551 stamp? Please advise. Ty!!!

  14. Hi I sent my i751 on March 16 2020 they review in 16 of March then I still waiting
    I got the i797 notice in the 18 after that I check my cace still the same nothing so is that normal ?

  15. My wife still waiting for her interview. Its been more than a year now. Still no interview.
    She got her extension already and it will end up this march. And we still havent get any interview or what. Wonder what will happen if the extensions expired already and she still havent get any response yet.

    1. Hi, how can you get an extension? Did you require it or they just gave it to your wife? Thank you!

  16. Elaji Cole.
    I have submitted my petition application for I-751 since 04/13/2020, an I-797 receipt was received but to date I never receive a fingerprint appointment. What can I do then folks?. Thanks for your cooperation.

    1. Hi Elaji.Have you recieve a fingerprint schedule now? We have the same situation.. submitted my I – 751 since Aug 2020, recieved an i-797 reciept after a month. But i have not recieve a finger print appointment since today.

  17. Same here. They received my form Dec 24,2020 and until now Jan 25 I still got no response and my payment isn’t deducted yet. I’m getting worried. I’m thinking of sending another application coz it’s taking forever to hear from them. My GC expiring on Feb 19

    1. Don’t worry Lisa same thing happened to me but eventually I received notice after 2 months of submission two notices one for extensions for 18 months and second one saying they will use my biometric on records and they said they will not return biometric fee, be rest assure they will get back to you just make sure your form was delivered and call them for verification because I lived in New York and I sent my form to lock box in Arizona!!!!!!!

  18. Hey Ernanie,
    My best advise to you is, don’t do anything stupid or else you will complicate yourself. These guys have a lot of loaded stuff on their backs and especially this pandemic moment. Talking about sending another application or petition it seems like crazy. Relax, they knew you are waiting, and your GC won’t automatically expired just like that. You will receive an I-797 receipt of notice.Take care good luck.

  19. USCIS got my i751 package on Dec 27 2020. My check got cashed out on Jan 27 2021 and i got my i797 today Feb 1 2021.

  20. I received a notice for my biometric appointment, the letter was dated on 11/23/2020, and I have to appear to ASC on 12/25/2020. But the notice letter arrived to the post office on 01/29/2021, and I received it in my mailbox on 02/08/2021. I am in a very difficult time, I went to the support center to explain myself to one of the workers, but unfortunately the security officer won’t allow me to enter, instead he advised and instructed to do the following:
    Tells me to highlight the schedule (box), mail it together with the receiving envelop as the arriving date appeared. Is there any idea?. Please respond Thanks

  21. They received my form on 1/22/21, and my GC will expire on 2/22/21. The payment hasn’t been deducted, and I haven’t received the notice/ receipt as well. If I don’t receive the notice before CG expired. Is it legal to stay? Can I go to work?

  22. Man, do not worry about that as long as your application being received, you will automatically receive an extension of your” temporary GC”. Do not do anything stupid, since your status is legal no fraudulent activities involve, meaning invading the Immigration benefit unlawfully, you’re okay. Take care bro….

  23. I filed i751 petition to remove conditions of residence in December 2019 and receive 18 months extension letter in a week and also received and completed biometrics/fingerprints on 3rd week of January 2020. My extension is expiring in June 2021 and I haven neither received a greencard or an interview notice. I’m planning to travel abroad in May-June. Should I apply for I-551 stamp or another extension or any other options? Please advice.

  24. I sent out my application to remove condition from my green card on the 01/04/2021, today is 02/19/2021, i still have not received my receipt , what should i do ? my green card expires on /03/28/2021

  25. Ms. Alina, all applicants trying hard to avoid which so called” Interview notice”, this only occurred in your application if there is some doubt or suspicious. Please ask an expert to tell you more, I don’t think if you would like that to happen to your application. So good luck…

  26. Hey,

    I sent my I751 on 01.31.2021 to the PO box. Still no receipt notice and the check not cashed. I called UCSIS and emailed the lockbox with no luck. Please advice.

    1. Hi, I filed mine on the same date and I received the letter in early March. There is no update on my status yet. What about yours?

  27. Mr. Richmond, most probably before you receive your receipt notice letter which is I-797 letter in the mail, you must first of all receive your case number through text message first. That what happened to me in my wife’s case. But my advice to you is, be patience and wait. For now, you can’t make any online case inquiry without a receipt number, so hang in their brother… good luck

  28. Hi, I file for I 751 remove condition on residence and it is on processing
    do I have to file I 90 because my 2 year green card is expired.

    1. No. You don’t have to reapply for I-90. If you submitted your I-751, then just wait until the send you a receipt. Consult with an attorney ($80-$100/hr) before you do anything else,

  29. July, I don’t know for how long you have filed, but my own knowledge is, as long as the petition is in process don’t complicate your paper work. Just relax; these guys knew what they are doing, they know you are there. Thanks

  30. Married Feb 2017, waited a year for my conditional GC, MSC center. Moved to California from Kentucky in 2018. Told them I moved. I filed my I751 Jan, 2020. By this time, I had been married almost 3 years and was still holding onto my expired conditional. My status was still unchanged. I decided to book a field office appointment here in California for a stamp in my passport; as I preferred that to carrying my GC and piece of paper. They took my expired conditional GC card off me when they stamped my passport and gave me back my original notice paper. The officer also told me I would be waiting another year and that there will be a second interview for a GC. Not long after visiting the office, my case was transferred to another center for faster processing I assume and then April, 13th 2021, my case status changes from transferring to another center to ‘Case Approved’ no interview, no biometrics. So the woman was wrong about it taking a year. Only waited 4months for this rapid change. But really, I’ve been waiting over 4 years from marriage to GC. I am awaiting my GC in the mail. I believe when I booked an appointment at the field office, it kick started my case. I believe they forgot about me. Id suggest booking an appointment for a stamp on the passport at your local office if in my situation. We filed by ourselves.

    1. Hi Joe! Can you please advise on how to take an appointment for extension stamp in passport as my 18 Month extension expires in June 2021.

  31. I Filed my I_751 waived application in May 2019, a week later i received a receipt (I-797) with 18 months extension. In September 2020, I received interview letter. I had the interview on October 6, 2020. October 12, I received I-751 Approval letter which mentioned that i should receive my Green Card in mail in 60 days. We are now April 26, 2021 ( 6 months later), I did not received my Green Card. I send them online 4 time no response. what to do? Can they change mind after approving me, why I did not receive my Green Card until now? Please help. Is that anyone in this situation?

    1. Hubert,
      regardless what, as long as your record is continuing cleaning just relax and do not go messy at all you are fine. If they can gave you a hope to receive your “LPR” in 60 days time, and it has taken over 180 days, they knew their reasons why. Will you be worried for that? if I were in your shoe my answer would be no. Stay positive, you will receive your LPR card. Good luck and thanks.

  32. I submitted my I-751 in January 2020, and I have received my biometric appointments letters three times, which of course all came late before my appearance to the support office. But all these appointments letters been signed by me, and requested for rescheduling. Now it is over 7 months haven’t heard from Immigration. What should I do then, any idea?

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  37. I submitted my I-751 petition on 03/27/2020, and I received a notice of that the application was received, with 18 month extension. Since then, I have received my biometric appointment for fingerprint three times, but all came or received late after the date appearance been expired. I have sent for reschedule the never heard from them. Any idea what to do? Your help is needed.

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  39. Kemzo and April. You guys need to be patient, this situation isn’t common with USCIS, looks like everything is running very low for the pandemic, that’s why a 18 month extension instead a final removal.
    If there isn’t any notice one month before the 18 months expiration, you guys have to call and try to make an appointment.

  40. Mr. Carlos, I don’t know how to bless you for your good intention towards me, all I can say is thank you so much. Anyway my husband’s Biometric fingerprint being scheduled for 09/10/2021, that’s a good news… Again, bless you Mr. Carlos Alzate.

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  42. I am here again to seek knowledge, my husband today 09/10/2021, went for his biometric fingerprint appointment at the ASC. It went successfully and the lady told him he will receive something in the mail. Immediately after we checked on the case status, we found that the case been ready for scheduled for an interview. Any idea folks?

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