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Interpreters at Your Interview

An applicant (also referred to as a “beneficiary”) may not be fluent in English and may require the use of an interpreter at the adjustment interview.

At the adjustment interview, the interpreter should:

  • Present their valid government-issued identity document
  • Complete an interpreter’s oath and privacy release statement
  • Translate what the officer and the applicant say word-for-word to the best of their ability without adding the interpreter’s own opinion, commentary, or answer

In general, a disinterested party should be used as the interpreter.

The USCIS officer conducting the interview may exercise discretion, however, to allow a friend or relative of the applicant to act as interpreter. If the officer is fluent in the applicant’s preferred language, the officer may conduct the examination in that language without use of an interpreter. 

USCIS reserves the right to disqualify an interpreter provided by the applicant if the officer believes the integrity of the examination is compromised by the interpreter’s participation or the officer determines the interpreter is not competent to translate. 

Updated on February 22, 2022

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