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How do I prepare for a J1 visa interview?

If you are planning for a J-1 visa interview you need to schedule for an interview, pay your application fee in advance, and collect and prepare your documents.

  • Schedule for an interview: Individuals between the ages of 14 to 79 years are required to have a J-1 interview. Those who fall out of this age bracket need not have an interview. The interview has to be scheduled with the U.S. embassy or consulate. It is essential to schedule the interview well before the start date of the program, because the wait time varies from region to region and based on the visa type and time of application.
  • Payment of application fee: A non-refundable fee of $160 USD has to be paid prior to the interview. Those who participate in the exchange visitor program through the DOS, USAID, or a federally funded education or cultural program need not pay the fee. A copy of the receipt has to be submitted during the J-1 visa interview.
  • Collect and prepare your documents: There are various documents that are to be carried to the interview. Failing to bring any of the documents may lead to denial of the J-1 visa. Here are the documents that you need to carry with you to the interview:
    • Passport
    • Form DS-160
    • Visa application fee
    • Photo
    • Form DS-2019
    • Form DS-7002: for training and intern category
    • Original interview appointment letter
    • School and college certificates
    • Evidence of employment or family ties
    • Evidence of financial ability to pay: This includes documents that showcase that you have sufficient funds to cover all the travel expenses and other expenses.

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Updated on January 15, 2020

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