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Filling out the Form G-325A

Both your petitioner (i.e. spouse or relative with lawful permanent status (a green card) or U.S. citizenship) and you will need to fill out form G-325A if you are filing Form I-130, but only you will need to do so if you’re adjusting permanent status via Form I-485.

When you fill out the Form, expect to provide the following information:

  • Lines 1 and 2: On these 2 lines, you’ll provide the most basic information about yourself including your name, sex, when you were born, your nationality (or citizenship), names that you’ve previously used (if you were married, for example), and where you were born.
  • Line 3: In this space, you will provide your mother and father’s names, where and when they were born, and where they currently live (city and country).
  • Line 4: If you are married, you will provide your spouse’s name, when and where they were born, as well as where and when you were married.
  • Line 5: If you were married in the past but have since divorced, you will provide the name(s), date(s) of birth, where and when you were married, and where and when you ended each marriage here.
  • Line 6: Here you will list all your previous residences over the last 5 years. Be sure to begin with your most recent address first and list the rest in terms of most recent to least recent.
  • Line 7: In this area you will provide the most recent address where you lived outside the United States for more than 1 year. You will be required to provide the months and years you lived here as well.
  • Line 8: Here you will provide all of your employers over the past 5 years, again beginning with the most recent and working your way backwards.
  • Line 9: If your last job abroad wasn’t included in the list you provided on Line 8, you will write your most recent job outside of the United States here. If it was included on the list, you will write “Included Above” in this area.
  • Line 10: You should check “Status as Permanent Resident” in this space.
  • Line 11: If you are from Thailand, Korea, China, or another country where your native script is non-alphabetical, you should write your name here in your native script.
  • Line 12: You will not sign this box. Instead, you must print your name and fill in your Alien number if you have one already.

What if You Don’t Know Some Required Information?

If you don’t know certain details required by the form, you may choose to write “Unknown” in the space provided. However, this may complicate the immigration process.

You should always try to figure out the required information first before choosing to write “Unknown” as this will increase the likelihood of your forms being accepted (and therefore allow you to move forward in the immigration process).

Updated on January 15, 2020

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