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How can I ensure my J1 visa will not be denied?

Denials of J-1 visas are quite rare in some countries, but they do occur. The DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility) granted by the sponsor does not guarantee that the U.S. consulate will issue a J-1 visa. There are certain criteria based on which the consulate or the U.S. Embassy determines whether the candidate is eligible for entry into the U.S. Some of the most important factors that determine eligibility are:

  • The intent of the applicant to remain in the U.S for a limited period of time: The applicant must prove non-immigrant intent during the interview process by responding correctly to the related interview questions. The applicant must also explain the nature of the program for which they wish to enter U.S. and how the program fits into the career plan.
  • Evidence of funds: The interviewers want the applicant to provide evidence for enough funds in order to cover all the expenses in the U.S. This can be done by providing proof of contributions from the sponsor or proof of personal finances.
  • Evidence of social and economic ties abroad: Proper proof for return of the applicant to the home country has to be provided. The consular officer wants to ensure that the applicant has strong reasons to return back to his country of origin. Proof of social and economic ties such as minor children, large family and dependents, business ties, religious and social associations, and valuable property ownership are to be provided.

Although denials of J-1 visa are rare, it is essential to prove your intent and eligibility thoroughly during the interview.

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Updated on January 15, 2020

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  1. I have an existing B1/b2 visa already , but I am planning to apply for a j1 visa soon once I get my admit into US universities.
    The problem is when I applied for my b1/b2 visa one year ago the visa officer asked me about my further plans to study abroad or in india and I had said in India as I had no idea about my future plans then.
    Will my response be recorded and will that cause a problem with my j1 visa application this year?
    Thanking you in advance.

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