I-485 Approval Process

Are you curious how your application gets approved? There’s a basic process that all applications follow:

  1. Initial Processing – After you send in your application, it will first be checked to make sure it has been completed correctly. If the Form is missing information or you haven’t demonstrated that you’re eligible, the Form may be declined at this stage.
  2. More Information, Biometrics, Interview – If your Form passes the first stage, the government may request additional evidence, request original documents of the evidence you provided, or schedule an interview. Some applicants may have to go to a USCIS to answer any questions about the application. You will provide biometrics information (i.e. photographs and fingerprints) to verify your identity at an interview or other scheduled meeting.
  3. Decision – No matter whether your application is approved, you will receive notification in writing of the decision.

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